Going out with a fizzle.

Today is Friday, April 14th 2023. I have maintained this WordPress install for 16 years. I have cared for her, kept her up to date, migrated from CPanel managed shared hosting at my employer, to countless linux hosts. I have hosted this blog on an old machine that I had sitting under my desk in my living room with an AMD K6-2 (AMD stock was $15-16 a share). From VMware, to Xen, and KVM. This blog was carried through every hypervisor of the day. Slicehost, Linode, Digital Ocean, An EC2 instance in AWS; on and on. Dacrib.net has run on containers orchestrated with docker swarm, downward to docker-compose, and finally upward in capabilities and complexity to Kubernetes. I wrote a post on Apples decision to go with the x86 architecture back in 2005 which is funny now that they are doing what I think Steve Jobs wanted the entire time; their own CPU design. I will generate a static site and stick it somewhere cool. Goodbye blogosphere. Goodbye wordpress. I can be reached at brandon [ at ] price.black.

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