Apple is transitioning to the x86 architecture.

I am beyond words with this one guys. I have been at different times, a member of both camps of the x86 vs ppc debate. I can remember signing an online petition to make OS X available for x86, namely Intel manufactured hardware. Then, as I matured, I came to see the beauty of the PowerPC architecture. I even wrote some articles about what I had learned. I finally saved all my pennies, and got a brand spankin new ibook last month. OS X is a dream. After installing gentoo for OS X, darwinports (bsd ports modified to compile under OS X), and MS Office on the same machine (face it openoffice just doesn’t hit it), that was it for me. I’m in love. I compile my own software, when I want, with the CFLAGS I want, and as they say all of the things the wife has to ask me how to do under linux, just work. Marketing hype aside PPC was nice while it lasted but development was just moving too slowly. IBM was like look Steve, I know we made a promise but you didn’t say anyting about it needing to go into one of that artsy laptops. Intel was like if you think the dothan rocked, wait’ll we start hiring college grads. And the ppc arch in workstations, just like that, is dead. I for one don’t give a damn anymore, I thought I would but I don’t. I simly want to continue to drink Apple flavoured kool aid. If they want to sell me an uber quiet SPARC box that runs OS X, I’ll buy. That is, as long as dsniff compiles.

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