Open source home automation, now with *ruby*

I started some work on a new project over the weekend. I had been fiddling with misterhouse for a bit, gotten a few things to work, joined the mailing list, asked a few questions, tried to answer a few, and generally had fun. I decided to try my hand at writing a RESTful open source home automation API to act as an abstraction layer between any of the many home automation protocols, insteon, z-wave, zigbee, IP, … and developers. Introducing cloverleaf. So far it can schedule repeating tasks ‘a-la-cron’, do text to speech conversion from an http request, and toggle a light on or off via insteon. I guess the beauty here is that anything can be done via an http request. The next steps are a working configuration file and parser. Any tips on getting ruby to parse a yaml config and spit out the result within the sinatra framework?