My thoughts on the new iPhone 3GS

1. Finally, the iPhone has all of the features that my Android running friends got a while back.

2. AT&T – WTF is wrong with you, you should have done what you needed to do to support every last feature on release. Apple should drop that exclusivity agreement like a bad habit.

3. AT&T – again WTF are you thinking, no MMS, no tethering from jump? I as a customer am very disappointed in you. You can do better than that. I hope you are bitten in the ass by the internet bulldog and scarred for quite some time.

This slashdot post sums it up.

att sucks this much right now

Found on Miro: Stump the Chef

I have been using Miro for a while now. Some of my favorite things to watch are things that would never make it to the ol’skool TV, but I think Stump the Chef has a shot. The theme of the show is as follows: The chef is presented with three seemingly random ingredients. He then has to take these three random ingredients, and mold something that the panel of three judges would pass as not only edible, but actually good. The difficulty of this task is usually exacerbated by how terribly the three ingredients would mesh traditionally. I really like the idea, its the kind of edutainment I wish was around when I was a TV watching kid. What do you think?

edit 01/2021 – miro is long gone but here are the stump the chef videos: