MySQL mangled my wordpress data.

I browsed to only to discover the wordpress initial install screen was being displayed. WTF? It must be the database I thought. Sure enough after running mysqlcheck against it I saw that one of the tables was marked as crashed. So I fixed it.

mysql> repair table wp_options;
| Table | Op | Msg_type | Msg_text |
| xxxx_wordpressdb.wp_options | repair | status | OK |

All better now. Maybe I should set a cron up to do that every few months. Anyway I got a dump in case everything goes to hell sometime soon.

Good lord, I needed a vacation.

I took a week of vacation, only to find that the only thing I really wanted to do was geek out on my own projects. The following is a list of things that I got done last week. I will add more detail later, for now I just wanted to get them all down.

1. Set up the home server, FC5, software raid5, nfs, 600+gb of storage, old p4, 1 GB or ram, GB ethernet, mythbackend, pvr 500 dual tuner, asterisk w/ bluetooth to connect with wifes cell phone etc…

2. Set up the new mythtv frontend, media center case, new mobo, 512 mb of ram, semphron (cheap), old nvidia geforce2 mx, new quiet arsed power supply, NO CPU FAN; instead i bought a skyth ninja big assed heatpipe, and running er fanless, works well so far…

That took about 3 days to get it to the point that I was happy with it, so for the rest I just chilled.

/etc/init.d/blogd start

Day one… At this point I’m well into project viatalk. I really started keeping track of our architectual changes 3 monts ago but w/ no time, what are you gonna do? Basically I’m the system admin at a VoIP provider, and launch == any day now. Don’t want to spoil the fun so stay tuned on that front. I’m also investigating VOIP and IPTV over WiMAX, if you have no idea what that means come back next week cause I’m gonna break it down. For now, use google dude. If your wondering what the hell the title is all about, its asterisk syntax that would playback “that is not a recognised phone number”. PBX geeks know it as the invalid extension. Whatever, I thought it was funny.