1st official release of my home automation software: cloverleaf


I had some time to kill this evening while waiting on a flight and decided that I may as well show the world my terrible code. Introducing cloverleaf version 0.3 aka “gort”. Rather than go down the long list of things that are not yet functional I will stay positive and list the things that are.

  • toggling insteon or z-wave devices via an ISY home automation controller
  • support for some low cost color LEDs
  • control of any IR device via LIRC
  • various API: for text to speech, playing of files, notifications…
  • each of the above via the provided sample web interface or api calls
  • scheduling of repeated tasks via a cron like interface
  • and a dent has been made on documentation

Please test, submit issues, and above all; have fun.


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