Watch gsm phone??

Apparently these fellas are selling a Dick Tracy style GSM watch. I would like to know a few things happen before I would buy one.

1. I would like to see it in use, not that I would be using the build in speakerphone mode much, I would probably use a headset; its just that I don’t buy gadgets that I have never seen work.

2. Is it waterproof?

3. $700 are you kidding me? I’ll give you $250.

4. isync???, does it work as a gprs modem?

5. How well does it work while in silent mode, does it even vibrate? If so would I notice it while watching a movie?

MySQL mangled my wordpress data.

I browsed to only to discover the wordpress initial install screen was being displayed. WTF? It must be the database I thought. Sure enough after running mysqlcheck against it I saw that one of the tables was marked as crashed. So I fixed it.

mysql> repair table wp_options;
| Table | Op | Msg_type | Msg_text |
| xxxx_wordpressdb.wp_options | repair | status | OK |

All better now. Maybe I should set a cron up to do that every few months. Anyway I got a dump in case everything goes to hell sometime soon.

Put some debian in your mouth: 24 hours of Ubuntu vs Fedora

I had forgotten how nice apt was in relation to yum. I mean yum is great, I could never build a package manager like rpm; let alone a utility as versatile and helpful as what yum is. I may have the capacity to build something that sucks right around the level of up2date 0.6.  I had managed to keep that machine running fedora for years, beginning with fedora core 2. I had never reinstalled, or performed fresh installs during that time, I just kept modifying the repos, running yum update, and fixing major issues as they came up. That machine has gone through a lot with me; but it has always been a dev machine. From my first install of Asterisk that I would later use to build Viatalk, to being my test machine while studying for the RHCE. I appreciate what the community has given me. Without open source software I wouldn’t be a system admin. I would never have found the interest. Maybe I would be a cop.
Ubuntu as a distro feels very by the people/ for the people. Things that I didn’t expect to work like playing mp3’s out of the box did with very little work on my end. I tried it for a day, and just went right back home. To fedora 9.