I never was a morning person.

I have never been a morning person. I recently read an article describing the relaxing effect of birdsong on the human psyche. The reasoning is as follows:

Throughout human history we have used the sounds birds make as a warning. The idea is that if the birds are making noise then all is well; I can continue with my toolmaking, fire building, hunting, gathering, daily business. However if the birds stop their incessant squeaking then essentially something is up.

Birdsong for me however has the opposite effect. It makes me anxious, and annoyed. Now I get to wonder what pavlovian experiment my parents orchestrated to get that effect. Cheers.

My thoughts on the new iPhone 3GS

1. Finally, the iPhone has all of the features that my Android running friends got a while back.

2. AT&T – WTF is wrong with you, you should have done what you needed to do to support every last feature on release. Apple should drop that exclusivity agreement like a bad habit.

3. AT&T – again WTF are you thinking, no MMS, no tethering from jump? I as a customer am very disappointed in you. You can do better than that. I hope you are bitten in the ass by the internet bulldog and scarred for quite some time.

This slashdot post sums it up.

att sucks this much right now