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My thoughts on the new iPhone 3GS

1. Finally, the iPhone has all of the features that my Android running friends got a while back.

2. AT&T – WTF is wrong with you, you should have done what you needed to do to support every last feature on release. Apple should drop that exclusivity agreement like a bad habit.

3. AT&T – again WTF are you thinking, no MMS, no tethering from jump? I as a customer am very disappointed in you. You can do better than that. I hope you are bitten in the ass by the internet bulldog and scarred for quite some time.

This slashdot post sums it up.

att sucks this much right now

twitter <--> wordpress

I remembered that I had a twitter account when I got some more follow requests the other day. I set up tweetie on my devices, and sent off some tweets to make sure all was well. You can follow me here folks. Next steps include setting up some kind of integration between wordpress and twitter that will allow tweets to show up here, or even have a tweet sent out automatically when a post is made. I am sure google can get me there.

Installing and configuring freeswitch: part 1

These instructions detail compiling and installing freeswitch under centos 5.x. It should be noted that this was done successfully under a xen vm hosted at linode.

yum -y install subversion autoconf automake libtool gcc-c++ ncurses-devel make
mkdir /usr/src/freeswitch
cd /usr/src/freeswitch
svn co http://svn.freeswitch.org/svn/freeswitch/tags/1.0.2/
cd 1.0.2
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/freeswitch

make install
make sounds-install
make moh-install

cd build
cp freeswitch.init.redhat /etc/init.d/freeswitch
chmod 755 /etc/init.d/freeswitch

useradd -c 'Freeswitch User' -s /sbin/nologin fsuser
vim /etc/init.d/freeswitch


dacrib.net migration

I migrated dacrib.net from a shared hosting instance provided by a friend at hostrocket, to a xen instance on linode.com today. So far so good.

Things left to do:
1. set up a cron for offsite backups to somewhere else w/ rotation
2. make sure the gallery installation is still working, including admin section
3. update gallery install
4. test video portions of gallery install
5. fix mod_rewrite so pretty permalinks work
6. set up an open source PBX
7. set up fail2ban

HeatSync Mini-Client 2500

HeatSync Mini-Client 2500.

This is it folks. This is the case that  we have been waiting for to build the HTPC of the next five years. There are no negatives here. It is completely fanless (read silent), yet can handle a modern Intel DG45FC mainboard with a 3GHz dual core processor and decent video card. I am convinced that a machine built on this can can fulfill all of your xbmc, mythfrontend, windows mce, blue ray playing, and gaming needs. There is nothing that the right setup in this case would not be able to handle in your living room, silently.