I am using rsync.net for backups now.

I was using the included backup application that came with OS X, and their online .mac backup solution, but now that my .mac subscription is dead and done, I have decided to go with rsync.net for those few files that I absolutely cannot lose. For just under $6 US a month I get 3 GB of offsite storage that I can access via any of the ssh flavors (ssh/scp/sftp), rsync, or my personal favorite rsync over ssh. It was really easy. After I signed up I just put my public key up, then ran something like…
rsync -azvrpg –progress -e ssh backup [email protected]:/username/dir
This basically says sync the directory named backup on this machine with a directory of the same name inside of /username/dir on the machine myserver.rsync.net, and oh yeah use the lovely encryption that ssh affords us. I’ll probably make a cron to do this for me once a day/week tomorrow.

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