90 Days of MythTV

What can I say; it works. My wife is used enough to it that she whines when I have to do kernel updates and restart. My only complaint has more to do with the ivtv kernel module then it does with MythTV. There is no closed caption support under the pvr 500 as of late. We are still using the IR keyboard as a remote because I never did go out and get a learning remote. It took me about a week of tweaking the key codes to get more consistency across modules. Right now half a terrabyte is not enough so I will have to add more drives to the raid on the backend. And does anyone know how I could set it up to encode ripped dvd’s as mpeg4 w/ h.264 by default? I’ll google it sometime. She used to complain about a bug that would surface if you left mythtv up for a while with no activity, but that seems to be fine now.

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