IPTV, part 2.

Aminet 110

I bought an aminocom manufactured AmiNET110 ethernet set top box on ebay. I am trying to get it running on my home network. From what I gather this is a pretty complicated thing to do. It sounds like you have to do a few things. Here is what I have tried.

1) set up a dhcp server so that it tosses out a bunch of special options along with a dhcp lease those options include @ least the following.

option space AMINO;
option AMINO.address code 1 = ip-address;
option AMINO.port code 2 = integer 16;
option AMINO.product code 3 = text;
option AMINO.option code 4 = text;
option AMINO.version code 5 = text;
option AMINO.middleware code 6 = ip-address;
option AMINO.mw_port code 7 = integer 16;
option AMINO.homepage code 8 = text;

2) set up some tool called mcastboot (I don’t even yet know where to get this from)

3) set up some special page on the AMINO.homepage variable, the aminocom goes there to grab the locations of multicast feeds, I think.

4) get some help??

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